Hear complaints of a crooked Imperial Watch Captain. Speak with the shop owner where this occurred and find out who's behind it. Report this to numerous guards and be directed to Itius Hayn. Find two witnesses and convince them to testify against the corrupt Watch Captain - Audens Avidius.

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Speak to him, and he'll refuse to help too, as he's too busy with his search for the Gray Fox onlne will send you to another captain - Itius Hayn. Report Avidius[ edit ] Report Audens to any of the guards around. Free trampling and facesitting pics 2 Young Dommes facesitting and cock wanking their subby.

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Thus, this bug does not block the completion of the quest. Post. Onljne you ask Jensine to testify, she will refuse, regardless of disposition.

The above bug may also cause Ikperia Avidius to continue to have the ability to arrest your character after he has been put in jail, if your character has a bounty. The corrupt captain threatens to kill you, but afraid of Itius he peacefully goes to jail.

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The only reward for the quest is a fame point and an increased disposition with Jensine, but it is simple enough that you can finish the quest very quickly. In his belongings you can find a note saying that he escaped through the same route as you did.

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He's poorly armed so sfx can kill him easily. A young blonde demands that you clean her messy feet. Kill him and search his corpse for a note. Due to a scripting error, Audens is always assumed to have been killed by something other than the player, which sets the stage to He will then proceed to arrest you with the normal dialogue. Scene - spanking, paddling A young lady straps her slave in the dungeon.

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You could also charm him, yield to him and raise his disposition, if you have a powerful enough spell. Cock teasing and humiliating gallery from the young Humiliatrixes. The note you find on Audens' body is one of the few things that doesn't adjust to the sex of your character. Beautfiful and buxom brunette Mistress disciplines two slaves. Luronk and Ruslan can both die. He follows a similar schedule to Lex, but the quest arrow should point to him.

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In a Russian cargo plane sez flying above Antarctica. You can be doing something completely different, and at the appropriate time a quest update will appear telling you that Audens Avidius has been arrested. Imperia - camchat - live sex with the hottest girls on the web friendly and waiting to chat. If you completed the Unexpected Voyage before this quest and at stage 20 you talk to Servatius he'll update you to stage 30 and send you to Lex.

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Killing Audens yourself after he escapes from jail is supposed to give the player an additional fame point and set the quest to stage If Audens' disposition towards you is high enough through fame, personality and so on he will not attack when he escapes, and will act as a normal Imperial City guard. Afterwards he stands around acting like a normal guard, and appears outside any prison you are sent to like the Fighter's Guild members from the Desolate Mine.

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You find Hayn in the city following the quest arrow again. This bug is fixed by the Unofficial Oblivion Patch.

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Escape from Prison[ edit ] After ten days, and when you are at least level 5, Audens Avidius will escape from jail and track you down, wherever you are, and attack you He will 'find' you, even if you're in Oblivion. Once you have persuaded the two witnesses sez testify, the next part of the quest will play out even if you are not there. live sex webcam. It always says " Lex is usually in the Waterfront Districtbut the quest arrow should point to him now.

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Imperia · I am a very open and friendly person, unless someone treats me badly. This is caused by a bug where even though he's removed from the Guard class when he's arrested, the code often doesn't take effect. Hard ballbusting, trampling and cruel gorgeous women.

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Cuckold gallery including smothering, chastity and ass worship. Heel worship and ashtray usage at the feet of a Russian Goddess. That additional fame point and stage are impossible to obtain without using the console. He, like Lex, will then tell sxe to go talk to Itius Hayn.

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If his disposition is at imperria 70, he'll tell you that you need to have two witnesses ready to testify due to the seriousness of the accusation. Sublime Domina Lady Asmondena uses her slave as an ashtray.

Hear complaints of a crooked Imperial Watch Captain. Cuat with the shop owner where this occurred and find out who's behind it. Free vid and 25 screenshots of the Super Vixen Bitch!