Now connect the rubber coupling to the center stem of the burette and connect the other end of the coupling to the hose nipple of the Whitey valve Connect the connection tubing to the side stem of the level bottle Assemble the burette clamp around the burette and fasten in cyat on the support rod

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Shake the instrument with a rapid back and forth motion until maximum gauge pressure has been obtained.

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cat Connect the connection tubing to the side stem of the level bottle Replace the water in the level bottle with caustic solution, filling it approximately half full. Gặp bạn mới, tâm sự, hẹn hò và hát cùng bạn khác, tìm bạn game và tặng quà.

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Be careful not to trip the lock plates after piercing as only a slight upward pressure on the lock plates will release the cross bar. Note: Wear protective clothing and goggles when using caustic solution.

This solution may cause severe burns to the operator if not handled with care. Open the Whitey valve and allow gas to flow into the burette, reducing the gauge pressure to 5 psi or pgong.

Chung toi cung xin thong bao ve viec nang cap phien ban moi do trinh duyet web khong con ho tro Flash Player hpong cuoi nam Open the Whitey valve full. Note: The burette is very fragile and may break if it comes in contact with an object while shaking the instrument.

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Create a Meebo Chat Room. The instrument may also be submerged in a glass tank of water, and leaks observed in this manner. Release the lock plates. Note: The cross bar is lowered by depressing the lock pates on each side of the cross bar and pushing downwards.

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When the lock plates are released, the cross bar will remain firmly locked in position. Hold the instrument at the bottom of the base with the right hand while the left hand holds both the guide rod and support rod The cross bar will remain locked in place with the rubber seal compressed to prevent leakage at the point of piercing. Wear goggles and protective clothing while operating this instrument. Ngay phat hanh : 12 - 30 - Also, be sure that the level bottle and stand are located in such a manner that they do not tip over while shaking the instrument.

Now connect the rubber coupling to the center stem of the burette and connect the other end of the coupling to the hose nipple of the Whitey valve While filling the burette, check the plastic connection tubing and work out any air bubbles that may be present 9.

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Usually eight or ten shakes are enough to remove most of the air in the sample. Close the Whitey valve and remove the beaker from the piercing needle A 6. Hello Yo là phần mềm tạo phòng voice chat miễn phí. Raise the level bottle to fill the burette completely and close the burette cock.

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Close the burette cock and lower the level bottle to its stand 3. The shaking of the instrument allows for more build up of gas in the test container and for the next release of gas into the burette. This may be accomplished by pressurizing the instrument and applying a soapy solution to the various connections and ts. Assemble the burette clamp around the burette and fasten in place on the support rod We also would like chag announce our upgrade of new version due to the web browser is no longer support Flash at the end of Place the bottle or can to be tested on cchat base pad and lower the cross bar to the point where the rubber seal just touches the top of the container.

Depress the lock plates and push the cross bar rapidly downwards until the container is pierced. This will cause the water top be drawn upward through the Whitey valve, displacing any trapped air in the system.

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Our lhong rooms will help you stay connected and discover new friends nearby or around the world. Shake the instrument a few times to allow absorption of CO2 gas by the caustic solution. Tap the tubing to release air into the burette hcat. Place a small beaker of water under the rubber seal and lower the cross bar so as to submerge the rubber seal in the water.

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Therefore, it is good practice to bring samples to this temperature prior to testing. The of tests that can phkng expected from the caustic solution may vary according to the strength of the solution being used.

Operation: Warning: Caustic Solution is used in the operation of this instrument. Open the Whitey valve and repeat the above process again.

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Discard the water. Cam on su ho tro cua ban, VuiLen.

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The volumes of CO2 gas may be determined by taking the maximum pressure reading during the test and then, immediately after the test, inserting a laboratory thermometer into the sample and recording the temperature. Air Readings: If air readings tend to increase after a period of testing, the caustic solution may be diluting and should be replaced with a fresh solution.

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To prevent overflow, the caustic trap is furnished for attachment at the top of the lhong. When making the air reading in the burette, the level bottle should be raised so as to bring the liquid in the burette and level bottle to the same level.

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Close the Whitey valveopen the burette cock and put approximately cc's of water in the level bottleelevating the same above the burette so as to allow the water to cat down into the burette to the bottom of the calibrations.